HIGHTOP Decorative Metal Mesh Products Applications

Perforated Metal Facade

Decorative Metal Mesh Partition

Decorative Brass Cabinet Door

Brass Chain Curtain Divider

Rope Mesh Railing

Architectural Woven Drapery Facade

Railing Expanded Metal

Architectural Spiral Wire Facade

HIGHTOP Decorative Metal Mesh

The beauty of decorative metal mesh is that it has both a physical texture and an aesthetic appeal that speaks volumes about its unique method of manufacture. It is a indoor and outdoor metal product and we are the famous producer for a long time.

We manufacture high quality wire mesh finishing solutions. The process gives the wire form a very functional and aesthetic form, far stronger and more durable than traditional decoration materials. To enhance the decorativeness of the woven netting, it can be woven in a variety of different ways to achieve stunningly different effects. Wires of different shapes, thicknesses and materials can be combined infinitely to form exquisitely coloured, shimmering fabrics for fashion, interior and lighting design industries.

The following are our main products we supply, our products are not limited to the following styles, we also provide personalized customization, please contact us for more details.

HIGHTOP Decorative Metal Products

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Hightop offers hundreds of styles of metal meshes, our products are not limited to those styles, if you want to customize, please contact our sales team, you can also send your design drawings, we produce according to your patterns.

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