Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh

Architectural spiral wire mesh, also called balanced weave belt, architectural conveyor belt, is composed of rods in horizon and bend wires in vertical. The rods can be straight or bent. It was originally used in industry, mainly for the transportation of raw materials or products on the assembly line. Later, because of the beautiful pattern, exquisite workmanship and other characteristics, it has been gradually accepted and approved by designers in architecture system. Spiral wire mesh is widely used in architectural decoration, such as window&door curtains, exterior wall decoration, ceiling decoration, store partition, etc.

Color, shape or size can be customized

Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh Features:

  • Good resistance to corrosion, wear.
  • resistance.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-fracture characteristics.
  • Made of stainless steel wire, durable and long lasting.
  • Copper and brass wire for beautiful and attractive surface.
  • Reasonable design, easy to install.
  • Strong enough, fashionable elements as facade cladding.

Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh Application:

Conveyor belt mesh is more and more popular in exterior facade applications.

It can be used as facade cladding, for instance exhibition hall, hotels, office buildings. With its high open area and unique appearance, it can catch more attention.In addition to above use, conveyor belt facade wire mesh can also be used as other decorative and functional metal fabric, space divider, handrail and balustrade, etc.

Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh Styles

Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh


Open Area: 52%
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 9.80 kg/m2
Surface: original
Thickness:22 mm
Max. Width: 5 m
Max. Height: On request

Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh


Open Area: 76%
Weight: 3.65 kg/m2
Material: stainless steel
Thickness:6 mm
Surface: original
Max. Width: 3m
Max. Height: On request

Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh


Open Area: 45%
Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 2.0 lbs/sq ft
OverallThickness: mm
Max. Width: 3 m
Max Height: Unlimited


DWM 60

Open Area: 53%
Material: stainless steel
Surface: original
Weight: 6.84 kg/m2
Overall thickness: 9.5mm
Max Width: 5m
Max Height: On request

Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh Used As Decorating



Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh Specification:

Norminal Mesh



Spiral Pitch(mm)


Spiral Wire Dia(mm)


Rod Wire Pitch(mm)


Rod Wire Dia(mm)

 7.7  16.94  1.63  19.05  1.63
 8.9  16.94  2.03  19.05  2.03
 7.3  10.16  1.42  12.70  1.42
 6.7   10.16  1.63  12.70  1.63
6.0  7.26  1.22  8.47  1.22
 6.0   7.26  1.42  8.47  1.42
 6.4   7.26  1.63  8.47  1.63
 6.1   6.35  1.42  6.35  1.42
 6.4   6.35  1.63  6.36   1.63
4.0  5.08  0.91  6.35  1.22
5.2  5.08  1.22  6.36  1.22
5.6  5.08  1.22  5.08  1.22


Architectural Spiral Wire Mesh is high-strength, stable, easy to protect, strong in function, vivid in decoration and violent, and can well protect the building structure. The equipment is simple and convenient; the appearance is special and elegant. Different light, different environment, different time period, different investigation angle, its visual effect is very rich; used in various occasions and uses, showing elegant temperament, special characteristics, noble level.

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