aluminum expanded sheet

Decorative Expanded Metal Sheet - Architectural Expanded Mesh

Decorative expended metal sheet is made by cutting and stretching a metal panel to form various diamond openings, and the diamond-shaped openings can be sprayed into many colors to meet the various styles of architecture. It is widely used in interior and exterior wall cladding, building facade, ceiling, etc.

Our architectural & decorative expanded metal mesh is available in three materials: Carbon steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Other materials for choose: Copper, Brass, Titanium, Nickel, etc. You can find the best fit for your application.

Materials of Decorative Expanded Metal Mesh

1. Aluminium

Expanded aluminum metal sheet is an ideal material for architectural design because of its light weight, easy processing and excellent corrosion resistance. It can also be spray-painted in various colors, which can add art and vitality to the interior and exterior of the building. In addition, its cost is cheaper than stainless steel, and its corrosion resistance is as good as stainless steel.

2. Stainless steel

The stainless steel decorative expanded metal sheet is heavier than aluminum, and it looks more advanced, but the price is also more expensive.


Various Styles of Architectural Expanded Mesh

aluminum decorative expanded metal sheet

decorative aluminum expanded metal mesh

Decorative Expanded Metal Mesh

architectural expanded metal

architectural aluminum expanded mesh

decorative expanded metal mesh panels

decorative expanded mesh screen

architectural expanded metal mesh screen

expanded steel mesh

stainless steel expanded metal panels

brass expanded metal lath

decorative metal diamond mesh

decorative expanded metal screen

architectural expanded aluminium mesh

expanded metal frame

expanded metal mesh frame

decorative expanded metal screen

decorative metal screens

architectural metal screen panels

architectural metal screen

architectural expanded steel sheets

expanded architectural screen panels

metal diamond mesh

steel expanded metal


Our and decorative expanded metal mesh provides a wide range of applications for indoor and outdoor. We have been focus on providing architectural metal mesh products for architecture designers and other customers to meet their requirements.

  • Interior: ceilings, partitions, doors and windows, stairs, etc.
  • Exterior: building facades, wall cladding, garden fence, etc.

architectural expanded mesh cladding

aluminum expanded metal facade

expanded metal cladding


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