Decorative perforated metal, as its name implies, is punched into a series of regular holes or on a metal sheet by a punching machine.

The material can be galvanized sheet, aluminum sheets, stainless steel, copper and brass, etc. The round hole is the most common and economical shape. In addition, there are square holes, diamond holes, slotted holes, hexagonal holes, and other decorative holes. The surface of the panels can be polished, powder coated, antique,

Punched metal are widely used, such as acoustic ceiling and flooring of buildings, sound absorbing materials in the indoor; Panels of balcony and stair railings, balusters, guardrails; Building, room divider, metal tables and chairs; protective covers for mechanical equipment and speakers, fruit and food baskets, etc.

Perforated Panels
Hexagonal, Square, Star
Hexagonal, Square, Star
Black powder coated round hole
Black Powder Coated
plum hole
White round hole
Round Hole Black
Round Hole Black
Perforated Panels
Graphic hole
Graphic Architectural
round hole
Corrugated Sheet


Hightop offers various metal sheets with different openings. For more products, please see the photos, our products are not limited to above styles, but also can be customized by customers.

When ordering the products, please let us know the following specifications:

  • Material type
  • Surface treatment: Galvanized, polished, powder coated or other treatment
  • Style: round hole, square hole, slot hole
  • Hole size
  • Hole shape
  • Spacing & configuration
  • Thickness (gauge)
  • Perforated sheet size
  • Quantity

Or send us graphic design drawings for customized shapes.

We can ship our products to most countries and regions such as US, Canada, UK, European Union, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. Please feel free to get quote from us!

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