Hightop is a professional decorative metal mesh manufacturer and supplier. We have more than ten years of history in the woven mesh and decorative mesh industry. From the beginning of the trading company to the current manufacturer, Hightop has accumulated a wealth of product knowledge and production experience. We also have an experienced sales team to provide customers with efficient and high-value products and services.

We provide various styles of decorative metal mesh, including woven mesh, architectural woven drapery, decorative crimped woven mesh, fireplace mesh curtain, laminated glass metal mesh, architectural spiral wire, architectural rope mesh, perforated metal sheet, expanded metal sheet, metal curtain, etc. Materials include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, bronze, copper, zinc plating, titanium plating, copper coating, powder coating and other alloy materials.

We also specialize in the cutting and stamping of wire mesh to ensure that our customers receive decorative mesh products manufactured to their exact specifications.

Our mission

  • Provide customers with high quality and reliable products
  • Provide personalized and professional services to our customers.
  • Cost savings for our customers.