Why Metal Mesh Curtains Are So Popular in Decoration Industry

Why Metal Mesh Curtains Are So Popular in Decoration Industry

Metal Mesh Curtain Product Description

The metal mesh curtain is made of metal stainless steel wire and aluminum wire formed into a spiral shape. They are then connected to each other to make a mesh. The structure is simple and the product is not limited by the placement. It can also be widely used in various projects. Nowadays, metal mesh curtains are more and more favored by engineers, and indoor and outdoor designers. When designing projects, they will choose to incorporate the curtains as one of the decorations. Main application scenarios include: restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, offices, bathrooms, shopping malls, exhibitions, airports, ceilings, coffee shops, etc.

Metal mesh curtains are replacing traditional fabric mesh curtains more and more. This allows for more flexibility and a sense of drape so that the decorative place becomes shiny and more modern. The material of mesh curtain is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It can also be made into more than two hundred colors to meet the color requirements of customers in different places. The wire diameter and opening can be customized to achieve the ideal presentation style desired by the customer. The mesh curtain structure is as follows:

metal curtain structure

Wire diameter: Min 1 mm Opening: Min 4 mm, we can recommend suitable specifications according to customer needs. At present, there are many popular colors: rose, gold, silver, antique, phosphorous bronze, black and many others. The specific color can be judged according to the design and hue of the project. Suitable colors will add luster to the project.

Aluminum mesh curtains need to be painted to achieve various colors. Due to the characteristics of the material, the paint does not easily come off, and it will adhere to the material very well. The color will remain bright for a long time without affecting the appearance. The aluminum screen is relatively light, so it is relatively easy to move and install.

Stainless steel mesh curtains generally maintain their own silver color, which can be plated with titanium to achieve various colors. Stainless steel is not recommended for painting. Due to the characteristics of the material, the paint cannot adhere to the material very well and it can easily come off, affecting the appearance. The stainless-steel mesh curtain is relatively heavy, which can better reflect the feeling of drape and weight.

No matter what kind of material, it can fully display the important position of the mesh curtain in the decoration. Of course, aluminum will be relatively inexpensive. Nowadays, most customers will choose aluminum materials to meet the various colors required by the project.

Introduce suitable colors of metal mesh curtain for several places

A. Dining Bar-simple design, warm colors

Function: It gives people a sense of comfort and security. The metal mesh curtain can be used to separate the dining table, so that each table has its own space. The curtain can move flexibly without hindering the communication between the guests and the outside world.

Suggestion: Use stainless steel material, primary colors, because the material is heavier than aluminum. It will increase the sense of drape and allow the metal mesh curtain to better integrate with the environment and does not appear abrupt. The flow of people in the hotel will be significant and customers will often touch the wire mesh curtain. This will not have a negative impact on it. Stainless steel will not rust. If there are stains, just wipe them off directly. Although the stainless-steel will be heavier, this will not affect the installation. The track will be very strong and can fully bear its weight. Or, you can use aluminum material and silver to achieve the same visual effect. Regarding the curtain in restaurant, you will need to consider the curtain length so that it does not touch the floor. There should be some distance between the mesh and the floor. Because the floor is cleaned every day, it will be inconvenient if the wire mesh curtain is too long. It can have around 5 cm of gap space. In such a warm environment, it is very suitable for friends and family to socialize together and share feelings. You definitely want to share a glass of red wine!

metal mesh curtain

B. Salon-the wall is light-colored

Function: Used to separate the shampoo bed, so that each guest has their own space when enjoying shampoo and massage services. At the same time, it will not affect being able to communicate with your partner in the other section.

Suggestion: Use aluminum material with a golden color. Due to the simple decoration design and light color of the salon, customers should stay at least 10 minutes after lying down to wash their hair, maybe 30 minutes or even longer. During the time, if they look at a single color for a long time, their eyes will become very tired and their mood will change. What was once an enjoyable thing has become very boring. Using the golden color will allow customers to find the focus point in a single style. Due to the structural characteristics of the metal mesh curtain itself this will make people happy. And customers will stay excited for a long time as the golden color has a little mystery to it so customers have great expectations for their next haircut, perm, and dye. Most of the female customers in the Salon who often deal with their hair are very tried. Only when customers feel enjoyment and comfort in all aspects will they prefer to come back often. So, the metal mesh curtain not only needs to be beautiful, but also make customers comfortable.

stainless steel metal curtains for room dividers

C. Men’s clothing store-business color

Function: Separate the rest area and clothes. When men are choosing clothes, friends can take a rest and wait. At the same time, when the customer looks out at the store they can block part of the line of sight and let the customer enter the store curiously.

Suggestion: Use aluminum material, silver or gold color, use for a men’s clothing store with a style that is simple business. Use colors mainly consisting of yellow, blue, white, black, and the color of the metal mesh curtain can be a light gold. When the ceiling light shines on it, it will be very shiny, but at the same time it will not be too bright as to adversely affect the beauty of the clothes. Many customers like to window shop, and after a glance at all the clothes in the store, they typically walk away. The wire mesh curtain covers part of the clothes, and the customer will choose to walk into the store and check them out carefully. This can increase the customer time in the store. Many men will choose their own clothes, and their friends can wait in the lounge area. The separation of the mesh curtains can make the store more layered.

D. Meeting Room-Dark Color

Function: It is used to separate two conference areas and is a multi-person conference table and sofa area that allows two groups of people to have a space to discuss work in the group. At the same time, it is convenient for mutual communication.

Suggestion: Use aluminum material, the color black, and use in the work area so that people will discuss important and serious matters in their work. The color of the metal mesh curtains should be business professional, typically black or silver. It will not be suitable if the colors are too bright and colorful. Since the windows and door frames of the meeting room are mainly silver, the wire mesh curtain can be black which can balance the overall color tone. In this way, during the meeting the overall atmosphere will be more professional and formal. Of course, the presence of decorative metal curtains will not make people feel depressed during meetings. From the photo you can see, the two-piece curtains. It’s better than one whole mesh curtain. Regarding this kind of design, it can easily be moved and divided or put together.

decorative metal curtains

Installation Instructions

The installation of the metal mesh curtain is quite simple, and more and more people prefer to use this product. We will provide a full range of accessories, send installation instructions and videos making it easy to install the curtain.

Normally the accessories include:

  1. Track or rail – the material is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and the color is rose gold. We have various types which we can provide. The most common used is 70mm height. The track can be straight and/or curved. The curved track is easy to break during transportation, so we recommend going with the straight track or buy the curved track locally.
  2. Track head – the material is stainless steel, installed on both ends of the track.
  3. Pulley wheel – the material is stainless steel and we generally provide 10 pcs pulley wheels for a 1m long track. We will also provide enough wheels for using properly. The wheels are flexible and can slide smoothly in the track.
  4. Fastener – the material is stainless steel and we generally provide 2 pcs for 1m long track. It’s affixed directly to the track, and very stable. This can then be fixed to the ceiling.
  5. Screw – the material is stainless steel and uses the screw link pulley wheel, metal chain, and mesh curtain.
  6. Metal chain – the material is stainless steel and generally the length of the chain is same as the curtain.

We can also provide other accessories if you make a request. Such as “S” hooks.

metal curtains accessories

Please check our metal mesh curtain installation process:

wire mesh curtain

Provide free samples

Metal mesh curtains are very popular in engineering decoration. If customers have questions about specifications and colors, pictures and videos alone cannot confirm whether they are suitable. They cannot show the quality and beauty of products. Our company can provide free samples for our customer’s reference, until the customer is satisfied. The normal sample size is 15cm x 15cm and can be changed upon request. Available materials: stainless steel and aluminum. We have a variety of colors and specifications in stock that can be shipped within 3 days. We deliver using plus express delivery time so that you can receive samples in 7-10 days.

Issues before placing an order

1. Through network communication, there will be a lot of misunderstandings. Specific product specifications will be marked with drawings until the two parties reach an agreement.

2. The display of the metal mesh curtain is beautiful with folds, generally 1.5/1.8 times the fold, so according to the length of the customer’s area x 1.5/1.8 is the length of the required curtain.

3. The height of metal mesh curtains are best to have some gap from the floor. Also, consider the height of track being at about 70mm. Please check the size for reference as follows:

Window Size Curtain wire 1.5 mm aperture 7 mm Rail (track)
Length Height Length Height Length
2.8 m 3.3 m 3.6 m 3.2 m 2.8 m
2.4 m 3.3 m 3.6 m 3.2 m 2.4 m
2.4 m 3.3 m 3.2 m 3.2 m 2.4 m
2.3 m 2.3 m 3.1 m 2.2 m 2.3 m
1 m 2.3 m 1.5 m 2.2 m 1 m
1 m 2.3 m 1.5 m 2.2 m 1 m
1 m 2 m 1.5 m 1.9 m 1 m

4. We are not purely salespeople. We are customer engineers. Especially customers who do not know much about the product. We must make plans based on the client’s project to satisfy the customer. So please let us know anytime if you have any idea.

Metal mesh curtains are very popular in the decoration industry and make life more beautiful. No matter what kind of application is in place, the decorative metal curtains can be integrated well, adding good effects to the project. It is one of the best choices.

HIGHTOP company has a rich experience in producing products as well as solving customer’s problem on projects. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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