Architectural Metal Facade & Cladding Products Apolications

Architectural metal facades and cladding products are versatile and durable materials that are commonly used in the construction industry. They can be used for a variety of applications, including:

Exterior building facades

Metal cladding is often used as an exterior building facade material. It can be installed over a variety of substrates, including concrete, masonry, and steel. Metal cladding systems can be designed to provide a range of aesthetic and functional features, including weather resistance, thermal insulation, and fire protection.


Interior wall cladding

Metal cladding can also be used as an interior wall cladding material. It can be installed over drywall or other substrates to provide a decorative finish or to improve durability and resistance to damage.

Roofs and canopies

Metal panels can be used to create roofs and canopies for commercial and residential buildings. These panels are often designed to be lightweight and weather-resistant, making them a popular choice for roofs in areas with high wind and precipitation.

Column covers and feature walls

Metal panels can also be used to create column covers and feature walls. These panels can be designed to provide a range of finishes, including brushed or polished metal, anodized finishes, or powder-coated colors.

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Sunshades and louvers

Metal panels can be used to create sunshades and louvers that provide shading and reduce solar heat gain in buildings. These systems can be designed to be adjustable, allowing occupants to control the amount of light and heat entering the building.

Overall, architectural metal facades and cladding products offer a range of benefits, including durability, weather resistance, and design flexibility. These materials are often used in commercial and industrial buildings, but can also be used in residential construction to create a modern, industrial aesthetic.

Exterior Wall decoration

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